Muhammed Basil Software Professional

The books I read

Finished: Slistream time hacking
The alechemist
Kasakhinte ithihasam
Show your work
Eat that frog
Who moved my cheese
Rich dad poor dad
How to write short
A mind for numbers

In Progress: Indistractable
Kindle: Make every word count

In my shelf: Think and grow rich
12 Rules of life
May be you should talk to someone
How to win friends and influence people

The psychology of money

And many more. Now I have made the habit of buying good books, (getting into the reading habits very slowly though). Even though the books are available in kindle or other apps, I would like my kids to have the habit of reading books. So I am collecting for the next generation and I beleive it is a good investment.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. I am reachable via linkedIn and twitter. Keep learning.