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Getting started with web

If we have the right guindance and mentoring we can hack time. ( Benjamin p hardy - Slipstream time hacking) With the right guidance we can learn things much faster.

I am very fortunate to get mentored and trained well through out my career. I am sharing some information which helped me learn web and related technologies. Whether you want to be a programmer, a hacker, or just exploring the web technologies, these are the suggestions based on my experience.

Directly jumping to programming and building a website can keep us in a confused state for a very long period of time. Yes, eventually it will all make sense. Though having some understanding about the system from the beginning would defnitely help us learn faster.

Below are the topics and tutorials to learn.


  1. How the web works?
    How internet works - Aaron
    How web works - Academind
    How web works, Detailed -

  2. What is HTML, CSS, Javascript?
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained - Danielle Thé

  3. Learn HTML
    HTML Full Course - Build a Website Tutorial -

  4. Learn CSS
    CSS Full course -

  5. Learn Javascript
    JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - Tony Alicea
    12 hour detailed course - Worth every penny

There are many other good tutorials also you can find.

I will keep improving the articles I write here. This website is for improving myself by helping others.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. I am reachable via linkedIn and twitter. Keep learning.